RAY STREET ARTIST: Patric Stillman

“Color, texture and emotion are the elements of painting that resonate with me and it is apparent in my work. During the past few years, I’ve allowed myself time to re-explore what painting means to me.  This period has reshaped my creative mind.  My current ‘dance series’ is the beginning of a new artistic period for me and is a strong indication of the body of work I will be developing over the next few years.  Its always a joy to find yourself at the beginning of a new journey.”  - Patric Stillman




BOBBY   Triptych1b

CANDY  Acrylics 36″ X 48″
TINA  Acrylics 36″ X 48″
BOBBY   Acrylics 24″ X 36″
COMMISSION (Triptych)  Acrylics on Wood Panels 7.5′ x 4.5′ x 2.5″

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